About Us: 
Life revolves around personal relationships. To name a few, they include our marriages, our families, and our day-to-day business affairs. Those relationships are intended to be some of our greatest blessings. However, in life they can also turn into our greatest sources of conflict and struggles which at times seem hopeless.  Families are torn apart, businesses are destroyed, churches are split, and our loved ones are left wondering “could it have ended another way?”
God has left us with the “other way.” It is His loving plan to get through life’s conflicts and its struggles. The results are stronger relationships and ones that can serve as models of hope to others – opportunities to witness His strength and faithfulness.

Our Mission is to bring hope into your relational conflicts. … to assist you with responding to and resolving conflicts in a way that incorporates God’s love, wisdom, and instruction, and to equip you to build stronger, life-lasting relationships. 

What We Offer and How to Contact:
Whether it it involves a simple conflict or pending lawsuit, through coaching, mediation, or arbitration services, we work with you to bring resolution and reconcile relationships. Some of those areas include marriage, family, church and business.
If you are in the midst of conflict and would like assistance or to learn about God's wisdom for resolving conflict in a biblically faithful manner, please call (909) 742-7154 or reach out by email with your contact information to mail@conflict2peace.com.  We are here to help.


Gerard R. Dagonese

Attorney at Law ~ Certified Christian Conciliator™

While growing up in Upstate, New York, Gerry often found himself in the role of peacemaker. He developed skills facilitating effective communication between opposing sides. “As far back as junior high school” he was “thrust into a position that resulted in receiving training and skills which would serve life-long purposes. They have served me well both as a mediator and in the practice of law.” Whether it was on the sports field, in the classroom or even on the beach, Gerry was often seen successfully resolving conflicts between others. In 2012 he received his certification through the Institute for Christian Conciliation (http://iccpeace.com/index.html), mentors others through their certification process, and has been a past instructor in Conflict Coaching and Mediation (CCM) training for Peacemaker Ministries (http://peacemaker.net).

With Conflict2Peace Ministries, Gerry is engaged in a biblical mediation, arbitration, reconciliation and conflict coaching practice as a Certified Christian Conciliator™ He is an ordained minister and when he is not hard at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, church, bowling, photography, computers, sailing and teaching biblical peacemaking.